New Vitreo Retina
Clinic in Amethi

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Key Facts
Since establishment in 2018:
Figures as on 31 March 2020


The incidence of diabetes is on the increase in the country, leading to increased incidence of eye disorders requiring Vitreo Retina treatment, a highly specialised eye care procedure. Poor people living in rural areas or small towns generally do not have access to this specialised service. Most people in the hinterland cannot afford expensive treatment and sometimes even just the travel to hospitals equipped to provide the service. Untreated retinal conditions can lead to irreversible and permanent blindness.

The Gift of a Happy Childhood

IGEHRC Amethi had been serving patients with retinal problems through referral to the Lucknow Centre. The demand had been growing and many of our patients found it difficult even to travel to Lucknow. In view of the growing demand and need, IGEHRC Amethi established a Vitreo Retina Centre for treatment of patients with retinal problems. The professional team, including the specially trained surgeon, was inducted along with the placement of requisite diagnostic and surgical equipment.

People from remote rural areas of Sultanpur, Amethi, Jaunpur, Pratapgarh and Faizabad districts come to this hospital for treatment. Today, the Vitreo Retina clinic has become a benchmark in providing specialised retina services in remote areas, saving people from imminent blindness and enabling them to live an independent and meaningful life as productive members of their families. The clinic provides highly subsidised services.