Improving Awareness on Nutrition

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Key Facts

The Community-based Nutrition Programme, run by RGMVP from July 2013 to August 2014, aimed to improve nutritional outcomes through nutrition awareness, demand generation and improving supply efficiency in select disenfranchised districts. Given the vast proportion of those affected by nutritional deficiencies are pregnant women, new borns, new mothers, and adolescent girls, the programme sought to address this gap in awareness and care. The programme's primary objective was to improve awareness on the specific nutritional needs of pregnant and non-pregnant women, adolescent girls, and children, such as the importance of early breastfeeding and Vitamin A supplements. The programme worked to change community behaviour to increase demand for improved nutrition and health services and collaboration with governmental suppliers.

ngo working for women empowerment

RGMVP's supply side component worked to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the government's nutrition delivery systems. One of the ways RGMVP went about working with these delivery systems was by training community leaders to coordinate and facilitate regular Village Health, Sanitation, and Nutrition Committee meetings with the Anganwadi government health workers. Another example of how the delivery systems became introduced and linked to the village communities is through the creation of Village Health Nutrition Day. The community resource persons worked with the government health workers to create this special event where the communities were provided medicine, supplements, and vaccines.