Encouraging Political Participation

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Key Facts
The following successfully contested the local government elections held in October 2015 in UP

In the lead up to the Panchayat elections, RGMVP organised the leadership programme in 1712 Gram Panchayats across 200 blocks of 42 districts in November 2014. The training succeeded in increasing awareness and interest in Panchayats, and saw many VOs undertake collective action over the last year to access their rights. The training also succeeding in busting widely prevalent myths about reservation policy, eligibility to contest, cost of contesting and nomination procedure, thus encouraging hundreds of women to participate more actively as voters, campaigners and candidates. The women are now busy with the Gram Panchayat elections that will conclude in mid-December. Post elections, RGMVP intends to continue the leadership trainings and train all the elected representatives on their roles and responsibilities and popular government schemes.

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RGMVP is also committed to studying the effects of the PRI initiative in partnership with professors from Warwick University and Harvard University. The year-long research project will help RGMVP determine the quality of its training and intervention strategy, as well as the role its community institutions play in enabling increased women's participation in local governance.